Deny Reviews

“This story was so very different than other MC BDSM books that it really blew my mind.” -Alpha Book Club

“This book is completely unique…a story about two practicing Dom’s in a true power exchange.”  -The Romance Reviews

“I had fun reading this book and I was thoroughly entertained.” -Ramblings From the This Chick

“I liked Marr, she was a spitfire.”  -A Crazy Vermonter’s Book Reviews

“I love this alpha, male, MC president! He’s cunning and conniving and definitely in charge.” -Wicked Reads


Cover Copy

When we fuck I forget my name, but I never planned to love her.

I never thought I’d make her my old lady.

From our very first scene, we’ve been fighting for control. She’s the one woman who can bring me to my knees, make me beg. Make me feel.

Now I need to give it all up to save her.

Fury is my weapon when I confront the enemies bold enough to lay hands on my gorgeous Marr. Raw rage is what’s fueling my fight against the ones who want to end everything the Brotherhood stands for.

We’re on the brink of war and I will burn this club to the ground before I let them hurt my woman again.