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Latest Blog Posts

Seven Romances That Changed My Life

I fell in love with romances when I was 12 years old. And it is a love affair that still brings me happiness more than 30 years later. I have thought long about why romances are my go-to happy place. And I have no profound answer. In the end, I like falling in love vicariously…

Three New Jericho Brotherhood Books

YAY! I have signed a contract to deliver three new books from the Jericho Brotherhood world with my publishing partner Carina Press! This new series of three books focuses on the new Brotherhood Bonds business–that’s right–sexy bikers who are bounty hunters! That’s hot, right?   Surely I’m not the only one who thinks so. These…

During my trip to RWA…I found the best agent ever

That should be the end of my post because doesn’t it say it all! 2016 has become the year my writing career officially launched in so many ways. In January 2016 I signed my first 3-book deal with Carina Press, part of the Harlequin family. via GIPHY Then in July 11 2016 my first book…

Dreams or Goals

Have you ever thought long on whether your aspiration is a dream or a goal? I have in the past few weeks as my dream of becoming a published author became a reality–but then I argued with myself a good long while. Was it a dream? Or a stretch goal? Or just the next step?…