Three New Jericho Brotherhood Books

YAY! I have signed a contract to deliver three new books from the Jericho Brotherhood world with my publishing partner Carina Press!

This new series of three books focuses on the new Brotherhood Bonds business–that’s right–sexy bikers who are bounty hunters! That’s hot, right?


Surely I’m not the only one who thinks so. These books have the same sexy flavor as the Jericho Brotherhood series with a bit more danger.

The first book, Bail Out, features Rebel and Elle who compete to take down bounties but end up tying the knot to save her business–and that’s only the beginning. You can look for it late this summer.

Shake Down, the second book will be released late in 2017 and showcases JoJo and ¬†Charlie–the bounty hunter and the detective. Do opposites attract as they both chase down the same bad guy?

Get Away follows Glory, a friend from Enough, book one of the Jericho Brotherhood, to Las Vegas. Delta rides in to save the day when things get dangerous for Glory in the City of Sin. It will be available early in 2018.

All these tough guys will make you want to jump bail just so they can catch you!