Dreams or Goals

Have you ever thought long on whether your aspiration is a dream or a goal? I have in the past few weeks as my dream of becoming a published author became a reality–but then I argued with myself a good long while. Was it a dream? Or a stretch goal? Or just the next step?


When both sides were exhausted, I decided that everyone one shouting in my brain was right! Pointless feuding, but that happens all the time.

Dreams are the seeds of a goal, the silent breath of potential–becoming an author was a dream that was rooted in my childhood. Over the years, I took steps until finally, I found my way to a completed manuscript. My dream of writing a novel,turned into a goal, and finally accomplishment. However I was a novice and no one wanted that book.

My author dream grew into a delicate bloom–now it was a goal, lofty and far away. I worked on my craft, learned about myself, and worked hard writing and editing. Then in January I achieved my goal when Carina purchased the Jericho Brotherhood line.

giphy (1)

So here are my new definitions,–

  1. Dreams fuel passion and give hope, maybe never approaches reality.
  2. Goals make dreams into stepping stones. Each step an achievement that leads to the deram.
  3. Failures: Missed steps that teach me more than all the steps I climbed unhurt.
  4. Accomplishments: The party at the end of a flight of stairs before I climb higher.

Everyone dreams but not all dreams become reality. But so many can become goals that lead to adventures aplenty. I am excited to have reached a party place and hope you’ll join me in my celebration over the next few months. Then I’ll stretch and begin the climb to the next goal–becoming a best-selling¬†author.