How to be a Biker’s Girl

Excerpt from Enough…Available July 11 everywhere digital books are sold.


Listening to the conversation, I learned even more about the tricky middle ground of being a biker’s girlfriend.

Do be loyal to one biker at a time—a definite problem and one the two girls were the worst at.

Do show respect and help your guy.

Do serve the club.enough

The prohibitions were longer.

Don’t act like sheep—again a problem for the two girls.

Don’t act like an old lady. The same lady who started the topic glared at me.

Don’t get too drunk, like vomiting drunk. Specific stories followed.

Don’t do drugs.

Don’t pit bikers against each other.

Don’t stick your nose in Brotherhood business.

Don’t pressure your guy to miss club duties.

Don’t stay in the shadows.

I missed a few, but already the rules stacked up in my mind, so I stood to refill my drink. This sounded like my old life where the men I wanted only wanted me if I followed all the rules.And I’d never been good enough for them. I got the definite impression some of these women didn’t think I’d be good enough for Dare.

But then I remembered Suzie and MJ and most of all, Dare. They made it sound simple. I’d be myself and that had to be good enough or not.

What a liar I am. I’ll kill myself trying to live up to every one of those standards.

Dare headed my way. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. I needed to escape.